Behind The Name

As we introduce our gifting brand, we wanted to share the story behind the name Mason & Market.

Intersection of Mason Street & Market Street, San Francisco, Circa 1927Mason St. & Market St. circa 1927, SF Public Works

The name Mason & Market represents a few things to us — the heart and soul of San Francisco, as well as supporting artisans and makers who are bringing people together through their beautiful products.

As we started designing our product and building our brand, we truly wanted it to represent the place where it was founded, and there was no better place than downtown San Francisco — a mecca of entrepreneurship, design, culture, iconic brands and local artisans. Historically speaking, the downtown intersection of Mason St & Market St had much to offer with their speakeasies, prominent theatres and arts.

While we were inspired by our city, the words Mason and Market hold meaning that proved a perfect fit for our brand as well.

ma·son noun : a maker; builder.

mar·ket noun : a gathering place for the purchase and sale of provisions.

Now, Mason & Market is a modern marketplace for gift giving, curated with products from notable makers and artisans, coming together to create an elegant (and effortless) gifting experience.