How To Give The Best Business Gifts

Business gifting is essential for strengthening professional relationships. It shows gratitude and that you value the relationship beyond it’s transactional and monetary worth. But, you might not always know when, how or what to give, so we’ve put together 6 tips to help you give the best (and most personal) business gifts.

Corporate Gift Box

Make It Personal, Not Promotional
It’s time to rethink your company branded swag. Gifts that include company branded products are often perceived as marketing collateral, and marketing collateral is in most cases produced in substantially large quantities for as cheap as possible. That means most of these products are manufactured in low-wage factories overseas with poor working conditions. Plus, it causes significant damage to the environment to produce just one of these products, let alone thousands— most of which end up in a dumpster after a couple of days.

So, instead of sending a box full of swag, think about the conversations you’ve had with your client, business partner, or employee and opt for something more personal that says “I’m thinking about you and I value this relationship.”

Always Include A Card
The most memorable gifting experience is one that shows it was selected specifically for the recipient, and nothing is more personal than a card. Always, always, always include a personal message with your gift, and share why you chose this particular gift for them, whether you hope it brings them relaxation, a great day at the driving range or an elevated flight experience. 

Presentation Matters 
You’ve heard them say, “First impressions are lasting impressions,” or “It’s all in the details”. The first impression your recipient has of your gift is the presentation. It sets the tone for the unboxing and unwrapping experience, so don’t overlook this essential detail. Luckily, we make it super easy to send a beautifully packaged gift with our ready-to-gift signature boxes. 

Shop Small & Local
Business gifting is a great opportunity to support local businesses and build relationships with small business owners. It shows you care about creating a sense of community and sharing it with others both near and far. 

Be Proactive
It’s never too early to think about gifting— especially for the holidays! Make sure you’ve allowed enough time to select the best gift for your recipient because it will definitely show when it’s last minute or rushed. Do your research on both your recipient and your gifting options so you can be sure to send a meaningful and thoughtful gift. Plus, we make it effortless for you to schedule your gifts up to 3 months in advance!

Quality Over Quantity
Typically, we recommend budgeting between $50 - $100 per gift, depending on the significance of the business relationship. However, if you feel that you have to sacrifice quality in order to budget for a gift, our rule of thumb is: no gift is better than a cheap gift. Instead, send a card with a personal message to show that you value the business relationship, and wanted to send a token of your appreciation regardless of budget.

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