Welcome To The Market, que Bottle!

We’re welcoming San Francisco’s trendiest water bottle to Mason & Market, and we couldn’t be more excited! que Bottle has created a water bottle that is both functional and fun in it’s design— a perfect fit for our marketplace.

que Bottle Collapsible Compact Water Bottle
Photo by que Bottle

A Closer Look at que Bottle

Que Bottle Collapsible Water Bottle
Photo by que Bottle

The concept of que Bottle was inspired when founders Jean and Kevin Wu took notice of how many plastic water bottles were being thrown away at music festivals. So, they set out on a mission to create a compact water bottle unlike any other. While reducing plastic consumption, que Bottle’s unique collapsible design makes it effortless to take a reusable water bottle while on the go. It makes the perfect accessory for business travelers, music festival go-ers, or even nurses and doctors working long shifts on the hospital floor.

Products With Purpose

Que Bottle Collapsible Water Bottle Corporate Gift Box

Passionate about making an impact to preserve our natural resources, que donates a portion of their profits to organizations that are dedicated to protecting our planet and promote sustainable practices, including Rainforest Trust, Grand Canyon Trust, Coral Reef Alliance and Groundwork Richmond.

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